Ivrea and around

We have been living here for many years yet we can but marvel at the vast range of opportunities our territory offers everybody in a simple and genuine way: history, culture, sport, traditions, good food and excellent wines, gorgeous mountains, unforgettable towns and lakes (5, to be precise, with different sizes and features to suite all tastes). Canavese is an extraordinary region, worth to be known, to be explored and to be felt.

Lots of landscapes are offered here to nature lovers: flat country, moraines, lakes and few kilometres far the impressive Alps of Valle d’Aosta, and their worldwide renown ski resorts.

Trekkers and mountain bikers will find in this amazing territory a good choice of pathways and routes running through the woods of Serra moraine and beyond it to the tracks of the “Grande Traversata del Biellese”, a 15 day-long route.

Road network in this territory let cyclists choose among a large variety of itineraries, from easiest to hardest and challenging, far from traffic and noise.

Ivrea Canoe Stadium, well known to paddlers, hosts world competition every year. But a “plunge” in the rushing whitewaters of Dora river, with a canoe or a rafting boat can be a funny, thrilling and unforgettable experience for everybody!

Mombarone mountain is the main frame of lots of trekkings and walks but in particular of the famous mountain race “Ivrea/Mombarone” that takes place every year in September with hundreds of brave athletes, amateurs and not, coming from all over Europe.

Those who love take a journey moved by Faith, can travel along the Via Francigena, a route rooted in a millenary past, used by ancient pilgrims to reach Rome and still used nowadays by believers from different countries. It is an extraordinary route that leads, step by step, through ancient villages and varied landscapes to meet and appreciate our artistic heritage, in the full respect of the territory, its inhabitants and traditions.

And more: castles (Masino castle, for example, property of FAI-Italian National Trust, very few km from here), shrines (Oropa and Graglia, in the province of Biella) as well as famous events known all over the world such as the Historical Carnival of Ivrea, an event worth to be known not only for its spectacular Battle of the Oranges but also for its age-old tradition handed down from generation to generation and that every year involves the whole town in a unique and fascinating, faithful re-enactment.

Castello di Ivrea - bed & breakfast l'aBBaino

… che le rosse torri specchia sognando alla cerulea Dora… as Carducci sang of

Storico Carnevale d'Ivrea - bed & breakfast l'aBBaino

Not only oranges… between passion and tradition

Canoa ad Ivrea - bed & breakfast l'aBBaino

World events until 2018…

Sacro monte di Oropa, salita alle cappelle - bed & breakfast l'aBBaino

Tourism and religion between Canavese and Biellese…

Torino magica - bed & breakfast l'aBBaino

Royal elegance, the little Paris of Italy…

Castello di Masino - bed & breakfast l'aBBaino

The Italian National Trust offers…

Via francigena passa anche dal nostro b&b

The pilgrims route on the faith path…

Serra Morenica - bed & breakfast l'aBBaino

The natural embrace of the Morainic basin …

Il Mombarone - bed & breakfast l'aBBaino

2.371 metres of beauty…

Vino in Canavese assaggialo al nostro B&B

Drink, but not to forget…

Valle d'Aosta a pochi km dal bed & breakfast

Just round the corner, high quote beauty…

barche sul Lago di Viverone - bed & breakfast l'aBBaino

Water sports, fun and night life. Give way to the youth!

Monastero di Bose - fai sosta al B&B

A piece of Paradise, near you…

Le betulle golf club - bed & breakfast l'aBBaino

Awarded 18 times as best course in Italy…

Cavalli, maneggi, equitazione Ivrea e dintorni - bed & breakfast l'aBBaino

Tradition, riding and coaches in Canavese

Pian delle Nere, narcisi, volare - vieni al bed & breakfast l'aBBaino

Icarus’ dream…

Water Ski Park - Palazzo Canavese - bed & breakfast l'aBBaino

Give your holidays a different element!

Boulder, arrampicata tradizionale in Canavese - bed & breakfast l'aBBaino

Cliffs, impossible cracks, walls…