The Monastic Community of Bose

The Monastic Community of Bose is a religious community founded by people of both genres, coming from different Christian Churches. Since its foundation the Community fosters a strong ecumenical dialogue among different Christian churches and denominations. Founder and prior of the Community is Enzo Bianchi.

The Community is based in Bose, a hamlet of Magnano, in the province of Biella, since 1965.

The Community members follow their monastic vocation in celibacy, practicing the fraternal communion, in obedience to Gospel.

The Community born on 8 December 1965, the day of the conclusion of the Second Vatican Council, when Enzo Bianchi decided to live alone, in a house rented in the farms near Bose, a hamlet of Magnano. The first brothers came three years later and among them there was a woman and a Protestant minister.

Around 85 people are part of the Community, men, women, some of them are Protestant and Orthodox, and there are five presbyters and a minister.

Besides the main and original centre, the Community spread in other places founding other fraternities: Jerusalem, Ostuni, Assisi, Cellole di San Gimignano e Civitella San Paolo.


The everyday life of the Community is marked with accuracy. In the morning, at midday, and in the evening they celebrate the liturgy of the hours, during which the choir of monks and nuns sing the psalms. During the day they carry out manual works, they study the Bible ant the texts of the Fathers of the oriental and occidental monasticism. They welcome “pilgrims” and all the people seeking for God. Many in fact are the people that ask to be hosted by the Community, in particular periods of the year, such as in summer.

Beyond the community prayer, in the three moments of the day dedicated to it, important is the personal prayer, lectio divina in particular, presented to guests too, every afternoon by a member of
the Community.


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