Horse riding

Canavese is famous for being a land of horses and riding schools.
An ancient passion for horses is rooted in Ivrea since the Romans age and maybe even before. As a matter of facts many ancient and modern authors claim that the Latin name Eporedia refers at a horse post. This is it how every year, on summer, the St. Savino Horse Fair renews the bound of the town of the red towers with this beautiful animal.
We cannot avoid to refer to the Historical Carnival of Ivrea, during which hosts of steeds and cart horses are part to the event.


If we leave Ivrea we can go to Borgomasino: here also there are many riding schools where you can learn and enjoy the equestrian art.
The oldest of these schools, a real historic institution of the place, is Circolo Ippico Arcobaleno. The riding centre, affiliate to Italian Equestrian Sports Federation (FISE), hosts many horses and offers riding courses of different levels, as well as naturalistic tours on the surrounding hills. The centre is provided with three large rings, one of which indoor and always available, with every weather.
Yet it is not the only one.

There is a great choice nearby: in the neighbouring village, Vestigné, is based the local association of coaches and horses (Gruppo Sportivo Attacchi Ivrea e Canavese) and in the hamlet of Tina finds place a structure for riding competitions. Only few kilometres far, in Caravino, you can find another riding centre Lo Sperone, maybe a bit smaller but as fine as the others.
Another good alternative can be found at Circolo Ippico Vittoria, in Cigliano (province of Vercelli).
Many other riding schools spot Canavese: you can find them in Caluso and San Giorgio Canavese, Agliè or Rivarolo Canavese, just to mention some of them.


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