Canoeing in Ivrea

Thanks to Giulio Valzolgher, an energetic man, in the ’40s canoeing becomes a popular sport in Ivrea. Valzolgher spread his passion to his work colleagues at Olivetti, the great industry that is still part of the fabric of the city. First paddling experiences on the Dora Baltea were carried on by a few bold guys, as they were considered in that time in Ivrea because of the awe that the river had always inspired due to the power of the stream and the cold temperature of the water.

With his colleague Voltolina, Valzolgher in 1952 realized an extraordinary and difficult venture: the descent of the Dora Baltea and of the Po as far as Venice, paddling on a two-seated boat along about 700 km. That was a milestone: the popularity of the exploit made grow the interest of many people in canoeing and the number of those that decided to practice this sport.


In the ’50s canoeing in Ivrea has its stout development. In 1956 takes place the first competition in the town and many others come in the following years. In 1959 takes place the canoe raid Ivrea-Trieste. In 1960 Ivrea Canoe Club join the Italian Rowing Federation: in 1963 for the first time a lad from Ivrea, Antonio Martinelli, participates to a World Championship.

Ivrea Canoe Club athletes won an infinite number of Italian titles and took part in many European and World Championships as well as in Olympic Games. Some of its managers became counsellors of the Italian Canoe Federation; others are now national trainers, national and international team manager, judges, national and international referees. To them goes the success for having brought to Ivrea World Championships (2016-2018).

From 3 to 5 June 2016 will take place the first competition of Canoes Slalom ICF World Cup valid for the qualification to Brazilian Olympic Games, in Rio de Janeiro in August. In 2017 is scheduled the last competition of Canoe Slalom ICF World Cup and in 2018 Ivrea Canoe Stadium will host Junior/U23 World Championship.


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