The Castle of Masino

The Castle, nested in a vast, romantic park is erected on a hill in front of the long barrier of the Serra Moraine, and enjoys of an amazing perspective on the large Canavese plain.


Dwelled by Earls of Valperga for ten centuries, the Castel tells the story of Piedmont and of Italy along its many monumental rooms, such as the halls embellished with elegant frescos and rich furnishing between XVII and XVIII century, the Ambassadors’ Rooms, the secluded living rooms and the Apartment of Madama Reale.

Among the most fascinating halls there is the ballroom, whose large windows allow the exterior to create a perfect harmony with the frescos of the interior. No less interesting is the rich collection of coaches of XVIII and XIX century, for the most part property of the Valperga family and hosted in the Palazzo delle Carrozze.


As well as the Castle, the park too has been subjected to many changes during the centuries. The present configuration comes from the setting of the garden according to the “English style” of the first half of XIX century that led to the creation of the extraordinary panoramic tour known as the “Strada dei 22 giri” (Path of 22 turns).


The Castle of Masino, its furniture, its collections, the park and the Palazzo delle Carrozze has been purchased by FAI (Italian National Trust) in 1988 thanks to the vision of Luigi Valperga Earl of Masino and the economic support of Cassa di Risparmio di Torino and Fiat, and the contribution of Montedison e Maglificio Calzificio Torinese.


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