The Lake of Viverone

At the foot of Alps lies the Lake of Viverone (lagh ëd Vivron in Piedmont dialect), a large expanse of spring water where animals live in uncontaminated wilderness. Located in the extreme eastern part of Canavese, it is the third largest lake in Piedmont.

With its glacial morainic origin, Lake of Viverone represents the perfect symbiosis of natural environment, outlined by an area of both geological and ornithological interest, with leisure and fun, thanks to routes and facilities designed for mountain biking, horse riding, fishing, water skiing and boating.

Six square kilometres at present time host a wildlife protected area: thousands of aquatic birds nest on its shores and here come to pass the winter; fish fauna attracts amateur fishermen and, renowned among all fishes, is white fish and its delicious flesh.

Orchards and vines of excellence, Erbaluce first among equals, are grown all over the morainic hills that surround the lake.

The Lake is shared by the provinces of Turin and Biella and it has an important archaeological site with findings dating back to Bronze Age. Thanks to this ancient treasure it has become a Unesco World heritage site.


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