Aosta Valley

During Middle Age the toll collection gave might and incomes, and Aosta Valley was a fixed route towards alpine passes. In an area without direct control, one could easily seize the lands out of the towns and raise himself to the noble class: in this way rose castles, towers and strongholds that, from high places dominated large areas.

In Aosta Valley first castles have been built between the beginning of XI and XII century, often rising from earlier defensive works. They were composed by a keep, or donjon, surrounded with walls. Example of these buildings are the Graines, Cly and Châtel-Argent castles. The chapels embedded in their structures are evidence of the plainness of the religious Romanesque architecture.

Aosta Valley in fact is rich in churches, shrines, chapels along the Via Francigena. But the profile of Romanesque belfries on the background of mountains can be seen also along minor routes.


Local products of the Valley tell, through their taste, the tale of an alpine land and its identity. A tale of peculiar tastes, unique fruit of a particular geographical together with raw materials quality and age-old crafts.

No matter if yours will be a slow or an active holiday, simply choose mountains for it: you will discover how enjoyable and funny can mountains be.


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