Wines of Canavese

Canavese, passage between Piedmont and Aosta Valley offers a great variety of landscapes and environments, from plain to Alps through morainic hills, lakes and valleys. Leaving the Po at your back you can go up on the gentle slopes of the hills, the amazing natural monument of the Morainic Amphitheatre of Ivrea up to steep mountains: the different landscapes and the varied cultures of men living in these lands will make your staying here an endless discovery.

This area hosts an infinite number of historical and artistic treasures, as well as wines and food excellences. Many strong castelli and elegant mansions still dot our territory as everlasting memory of illustrious Lords and renowned feuds. Peculiar of the area are the terracing works on the slopes of Carema and the dry stone walls and stone pillars, architectural pride of a community that still hands on its building craft.

The great variety of food products and pastry enhance the famous tradition of hospitality of Canavese.


This land is rich in vineyards, as a proof of the passion for wine, deeply rooted in the past. The variety of natural environments and microclimates enabled, since Romans time, the cultivation of the vine and the diversification of plants and of growing. From plain to first alpine slopes, vineyards are an integral part of the landscape.

Three types of wine come from the same white grape variety, Erbaluce; to produce Passito wine the bunches of grapes lie during some months in attics before being pressed, in this way enhancing and concentrating fragrance and scent that will burst out intensely from the glasses.

The most noble red grape of Piedmont, Nebbiolo, dominates the highest and severe areas on the border with Aosta Valley, where, the captivating Carema wine comes from terrace cultivations.


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