Turin, an enchanting city!

The urban place of the city of Turin and its boundaries marked by the so-called Crown of Delights, the historic ring composed by the Royal Mansions built in the countryside near the city.
The main attraction is the city of Turin and its cultural offer: museums, sites and monuments, contemporary art, great events, industrial tourism and Royal Mansions, both in the city centre and in the surrounding area; not to speak about food and wine excellences.


The good thing of the Turin area is that it can always surprise you: not only with its typical architectural and cultural beauties but also with the new events that in every season stimulate and liven up its life, giving room to the desire to meet each other, to enjoy and to learn something new.
Try how much Turin and its province can involve you in fresh and unique experiences!

From Royal Palace to Temple of the Consolata, from Teatro Regio to National Museum of Cinema, the cultural routes are endless and never predictable.


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