19 June 2016 / [email protected] 2016

Tri@Lake 2016

19 June 2016 / [email protected] 2016

[email protected] competition, as the name suggests, gathers along its track three lakes (Sirio, Pistono, Nero) and has Lake Sirio as main and strategic spot, since the start, the changes and the arrival are on its shore, near “Chalet Moia”.

The swimming stage, the first one, is a lap of 1 km in Lake Sirio.

The second stage, of around 14 km of length, is a ride on mountain bike that passes through the villages of Chiaverano, Borgofranco, Montalto Dora and the town of Ivrea, giving the participants the opportunity to see unique sights of our woods, vineyards, lakes and castles.

The third and last stage is a run of about 7.5 km, and concludes the [email protected] competition. The track winds up on paths in the wood to Bienca check point and then comes back to Lake Sirio arrival, where participants will be welcome with well deserved cheers and applause, music and buffet service.

An event thought and organized by a group of people that share a great passion for sport: Swimming, Bike and Run.

Info: www.triatlake.it